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C. R. Sagdeo & Co. would not be a successful organization without great people and strong teamwork. We believe that when our people achieve their best, so do our clients, and our business prospers.

Quality In Everything We Do

Integrity and professional competence are the corner stones of of our organization. We believe in providing proactive and consistent quality services to all our clients.

We ensure that our staff keeps abreAst with the latest changes in legislature and their implications on the business of the client. We believe in building enduring business partnerships by making effective contribution to our clients through innovative business solutions and supportive implementation.
How do we contribute?

Our core service lines offer clients the business services that no organization can do without; Auditing, Accounting advice, Tax planning, Statutory compliance and Cost control services

Our Focus functions
1. Audit and Assurance
2. System Analysis
3. Tax Consultancy and Tax Planning

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Last updated on 05.08.2022